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After neglecting this blog for so long, now I come back :D My opening post is a serial called My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (MGIG). This serial is running on SBS, therefore I can't watch it on my TV since the only korean channel available is KBS World & Arirang. But that's okay. I found a great source to watch this show. Please head to Medium Quality. The size is only 350MB per episode, but the quality is great. You'll find other great dramas too there.For the subtitle, it's available at WithS2.

MGIG is a love story between a human named Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) and a gumiho named Gu Mi Ho (Shin Min Ah). It's a cute and fun story up till now. But from the spoiler, I sense there'll be sad story starting from eps 11. I hope it'll turn out happy ending *please* I hate series with sad ending the most :P
I'm not good at telling a story and I don't have much time now. So if you are interested in this series, I'll refer you to MGIG's thread at Soompi. Happy watching :D

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If you love to watch Dal Ja's Spring, you should watch its NG scene. It's fun to see how Lee Min Ki keep dropping his food while picking it with chopstick. I wonder whether he isn't used to use it or what ^^;; And did you notice that he has vampire-like teeth ^^;; ? Hiyaaa...can't get enough of his shyness *yayyy....so cute ^o^*
Anyway, here's the link : Dal Ja's Spring's NG Scene

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Just want to share something. I've been looking for Dal Ja's Spring OST, but the one on Soompi didn't work anymore. Here you go, Dal Ja's Spring OST, full one album, in mp3 format, the size is 70.14 MB. Enjoy!
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Hurrayyy, I finished watching Dal Ja's Spring \^o^/ I can't wait for the episodes on KBS World, so I downloaded them all on Megaupload ^^;; It's sad that I can't watch Kang Tae Bong in action no more, I miss him already now T_T

Now for my review, Dal Ja's Spring is an interesting story about a 33 years old woman in her search for soul mate. I can relate to this story cause somehow her situation is similar with me ^^;; Too bad there's no Kang Tae Bong in my story ^^;;

I'm a big follower of must-ended-with-marriage kind of ending type ^^;; So I feel kinda disappointed with the ending. They just met under the fireworks, Tae Bong said Annyeong *Hi* and he brought Dal Ja to his soon-to-be restaurant. And they just kissed with the style of Gone With The Wind movie poster. No marriage or their little children involved. Aaarrrgghhh...no drama ending can satisfy me just like The Vineyard Man *pulling hair* I don't know if it's just me. I feel that the kiss between Jang Taek Gi and Lee Ji Hoon in The Vineyard Man is more passionately compare to the last kissing scene between Kang Tae Bong and Oh Dal Ja.

Talking about the kissing scene, I think the vineyard couple won in these factors:
  • Duration
  • Impromptu & Climax
  • Passion
  • Anticipation
Hahaha..this is only a judgement from an amateur, so please don't sue me ^^;; In the end, I gave Dal Ja's Spring 8 stars out of 10. Recommended drama. And I bet you will fall in love with Lee Min Ki's smile & gaze in this drama. I don't know how to explain it, just watch it yourself ;)

Anyway, I read from an article, Lee Min Ki is actually have a long time crush on Yoon Eun Hye. Is that true? Whoa...good for you Lee Min Ki, I can sense your taste in woman. I also fond of Eun Hye. She looks sincere and friendly ^^ I hope you can have your wish come true. Fighting!!!

*Image taken from KBS.co.kr
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This is my habit. Every time I watch Korean Drama with hot actor in it, I quickly switch my favorite actor instantly ^^;; Like this week, I've been watching Dal Ja's Spring religiously. Lee Min Ki is my newest eye candy ^o^ I just can't stop staring at him *dreamy eyes* In this drama, he plays a cool, bluntly speaking guy. He says whatever on his mind without sugar-coating it. And when he praises Dal Ja, he says it in a very plain sentences, yet it can make Dal Ja (and of course us viewer ^_~) weak in the knees ^^ Maybe it's because his charisma. Hahaha, now I can't stop showering him with endless praise ^^;;

Dal Ja's Spring is the 3rd Korean drama that successfully made me watch it continuously in a very short period. The 1st one is Love Marriage, and the 2nd one is The Vineyard Man. These three Korean Drama lead actors have made me fall in love with the three of them...hahaha :D I can't wait for the drama to be aired on KBS World. So I download all episodes and watch the episodes back to back ^^;;

Tonight is the 9th episode of Dal Ja's Spring on KBS World. But until yesterday, I've finished the 15th episode ^^;; And I just can't wait to watch the rest tonight ^o^