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Yahooo!!! Finally, I got to watch a funny, romantic, light-hearted kdrama after following the sad Hwang Jini series ^_^

Love it, love it, love it. Dalja's Spring is very fresh, and the most important, I fell in love instantly with Lee Min Ki *gyaaaaaaaa XD* I must already put him in my Top 10 KDrama Hot Actors list :D

I'm up at episode 3, and tonight is the episode 4. The story is more like Korean version of Bridget Jones' Diary. It's story about Oh Dalja, a 33 years old, single, and never been kissed girl ^_^  Initially, she didn't want to climb up the carrier ladder where she works. Her only intention is getting married quick. Too bad, 8 years gone by already, and she's 33 years old now. She has carrier, money, but she didn't succeed in her love life. She never date any guy at all ^^;;

The story changes when Shin Sedo, the man she has a crush on finally responding. They become a couple, but this man turns out to be a player :P He stood up Dalja at a hotel. Feeling embarrassed, Dalja calls Kang Tae Bong, a paid fake date she met earlier, a hot guy which is 6 years younger than her :D She got up in the situation where she made a pact to pay him $3000 to be her fake boyfriend for a month, 3 hours a day :D

Not enough with 2 guys, there's another guy who will be Dalja's client, Uhm Gi Joong. He's a widower who Dalja has set her eyes upon him from the first time they met ^^;;

How this story will turn out? Which guy that Dalja choose in the end? I don't know, and I don't want to read the spoiler ^^ I just want to let the story goes on :D But my guess, Dalja will end up with Kang Tae Bong *the hot one, yayyyy :D*
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