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Hurrayyy, I finished watching Dal Ja's Spring \^o^/ I can't wait for the episodes on KBS World, so I downloaded them all on Megaupload ^^;; It's sad that I can't watch Kang Tae Bong in action no more, I miss him already now T_T

Now for my review, Dal Ja's Spring is an interesting story about a 33 years old woman in her search for soul mate. I can relate to this story cause somehow her situation is similar with me ^^;; Too bad there's no Kang Tae Bong in my story ^^;;

I'm a big follower of must-ended-with-marriage kind of ending type ^^;; So I feel kinda disappointed with the ending. They just met under the fireworks, Tae Bong said Annyeong *Hi* and he brought Dal Ja to his soon-to-be restaurant. And they just kissed with the style of Gone With The Wind movie poster. No marriage or their little children involved. Aaarrrgghhh...no drama ending can satisfy me just like The Vineyard Man *pulling hair* I don't know if it's just me. I feel that the kiss between Jang Taek Gi and Lee Ji Hoon in The Vineyard Man is more passionately compare to the last kissing scene between Kang Tae Bong and Oh Dal Ja.

Talking about the kissing scene, I think the vineyard couple won in these factors:
  • Duration
  • Impromptu & Climax
  • Passion
  • Anticipation
Hahaha..this is only a judgement from an amateur, so please don't sue me ^^;; In the end, I gave Dal Ja's Spring 8 stars out of 10. Recommended drama. And I bet you will fall in love with Lee Min Ki's smile & gaze in this drama. I don't know how to explain it, just watch it yourself ;)

Anyway, I read from an article, Lee Min Ki is actually have a long time crush on Yoon Eun Hye. Is that true? Whoa...good for you Lee Min Ki, I can sense your taste in woman. I also fond of Eun Hye. She looks sincere and friendly ^^ I hope you can have your wish come true. Fighting!!!

*Image taken from KBS.co.kr
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