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Finally, this long weekend drama has ended yesterday on KBS World. After running for 54 episodes, the long awaited marriage of the 3 sons has come :D Yes, the mother of the Son's family has been waiting long enough to see her sons get married. Imagine, they're all old enough, even the oldest one is 40, but no one wants to marry yet. No wonder the mother had a headache thinking about her unmarried sons ^^;;

My comment about this drama:
  • It's worth watching, funny, but this is the type of drama that I would like to watch just on TV every weekend. I didn't feel the rush to watch the newest episodes that comes out on the internet (youtube, etc). It has lower likeness level compared to drama The Vineyard Man and Love Marriage that I watched before. These two dramas got me up all night cause I was eager to know what happened in the next episodes ^^
  • Sometimes I get annoyed with the mother, especially when she starts beating her sons. I don't know, is it common in Korea for a mother to act that violently with her children?
  • The casts are perfect. Maybe because of the long episodes, the longer interaction between the casts had formed the bonding they need to become a real family in this drama.
  • The story has a complete end. I like it when a drama covers the characters' life completely, eg. how's their life after the marriage, etc. I just hate it when the drama only starts to wrap up the ending just at the last 5-10 minutes of the series :P I don't like a guessing game :P
After watching this drama, I had some thought about traditional Korean culture. Does keeping the tradition really is an important thing? It seems to me the relationship between mother in law and the daughter in law is kinda difficult. The mother in law seems like to fussing over little things like :
  • daughter in law should bring gifts after returning from honeymoon
  • daughter in law should not visiting her old house freely, etc
  • daughter in law should prepare the breakfast even though she's in a hurry
That's what I captured from the series though, so I don't know the reality in Korean household ^^;; Anyone please confirm?

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