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Since I'm always late watching this series, I barely can keep track of the episode number ^^;; The separation between JW and NY is still going on. JW's mom made it worse. She bypassed NY's phone call to JW, and ask to meet NY in a cafe. Insulted by NY's family act, she clearly stated that she also can't accept NY as daughter in law. JW found out, he got angry with her mom. I can't stand JW's mom right now. She acts like there's no other job in another company for her son. It's as if the sky would fall if JW isn't working at NY's mom company. Does she never heard the word entrepreneur? I bet she never hears it before, since she's not the bread winner of the family :P

The cartoonist and SH's mom relationship is developing a bit. Finally, after those moment of awkwardness between the two, SH's mom asked him to stay in Korea, and not leave her to Japan ^^

PD Min and SH relationship is also good. I think they'll definitely be a couple in the next few episodes. That's sort of a relief in the middle of JW and NW's separation. When can they be together? T_T
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