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Due to lot of Korean Dramas that I've watched this week, I guess it'll be easier for me to put it in one post ^^;

The Queen Returns
Just like I predicted before, the story is so so. It's not making me excited when watching it. Instead, I got annoyed with the story line. I don't know. I'm just watching it cause I don't have any other option :P

Everybody Cha Cha Cha
Gaahh...this is what I hate about daily drama. The story keeps on dragging a lot. Gaahh...can't stand it >_< I admit I only watch this show just to see my dear oppa Oh Man Seok ^^;; Sobs...what one must endure to see him ^^;;
Currently, the story still revolving around all of characters *of course, it's a daily drama, everybody must be involved ^^;;*
  • PD Min & PD Suhyeon relationship is getting closer
  • YJ & The Cartoonist is getting engaged *finally*
  • DJ is still jealous *I think* about YJ's engagement. She's still not giving her approval. But who care, she's not even YJ's parent :P
  • Cheol is already figuring out that NY's father is actually JW's uncle.
  • JK is pregnant, and Han isn't really ready for it. That's why he got scolded by his father :P
  • JW & NY is back together, but still, there's no approval from NY's evil mom. Considering this is only eps 60 something, I bet they must be separated again :P
This show is already up to episode 94 in its origin country *South Korea* And guess what, JW & NY hasn't even been officially together >_<

My Fair Lady (Please Take Care of Young Lady / Lady Castle)
Yesterday is the final episode. And I can't believe the ending was just like that T_T I was hoping more romance etc but I didn't get it >_< I was kinda disappointed with the ending. They should have made it one episode longer. I wanted more scenes of Lee Taehyun and Uiju. They're such a cute couple ^o^
Guess after watching The Vineyard Man *which I'm strongly recommended to watch*, I'm hoping all other drama has a very nice end like The Vineyard Man had ^^;;

The Golden Apple
This is a new series started on Monday, 2 Nov 09 on KBS World. It looks promising, has 30 episodes, and the main reason I continue to watch it, is because Kim Ji Hoon is in this drama *fufufu* I started falling for him since I see him in Love Marriage. He's so damn handsome in there. Even my father is amazed by his charm when he wear a nice suit. Up til episode 4, he's not showing up yet. It's because he will play the adult Kyung Gu in this drama. Now the brothers and sisters of his family is in the child phase. Maybe next week they will turn into adult and I can get to see him ^^; About the story, so far it's kinda dark. But we'll see what will it become in the coming episodes ^^
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