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The Queen Returns Episode 4

My bad, although I promised to myself to take a short break from watching too many Korean drama, I can't help but to break it last night. I still continue to watch it ^^;; The Queen Returns' storyline is starting to pick up.What I can't stand is the coincidence scenes are just too much that it's starting to irritate me. I can't help swearing at Cha Do Gyong for her choice of action. It's just made me mad at how she can be so stupid like that >_<

Everybody Cha Cha Cha Episode 60 Something

Now I don't really care about ECCC story line. I will just continue watching it just to get a glimpse of Oh Man Seok. Besides, what can we expect from a daily drama ^^;;

Now I just realize, ECCC storyline is almost the same like How Much Love/How Much You Like It. Here are the comparison:
  • Both girls come from a rich family.
  • The boys are just middle class. 
  • The parents are against the relationship, and tried to crush the boy's job. 
  • Both parents also want to married the daughter to a manager in the family company. 
  • The episodes are > 100 episodes.
  • The parent of the girl hid something bad they were done in the past which troubled the boy's family.
The only difference is, in HML, the villain is the father of the girl, while in ECCC it's the mother of the girl ^^;;
I guess that's just how Korean Daily Drama tend to be ^^;; In the end, the main characters will certainly be together. It's just the matter of time ^^

Amidst all of the complicated problem they are facing, I wonder how they still managed to change their hair style periodically, especially the Kang family. Just look at the hairstyle of Nayun and Mama Kang, both still have time to go the salon ^^;;

For the refreshment, please enjoy this photo of Oh Man Seok. He seems so respectful and well mannered here with the old man ^^

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YuYoTeam said... December 20, 2009 at 3:33 AM

wow great.. am do you know what brand of car use Kang Nayun in this drama?

KDrama Diary said... December 22, 2009 at 2:12 PM

Sorry, I don't know the brand of Nayun's car. Yesterday I tried to see it, too bad the camera didn't shoot the car closely :(

Why are you interested in it? I didn't really notice her car in this drama. Is it a great car?

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