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Until episode 8, the Kim brothers & sisters still lives in the village. But in the preview of next episode, looks like they already moved into Seoul, and they have grown up. That means I get to see Kim Ji Hoon as the adult Gyeong Gu ^^ Please note that he's my main reason watching this drama ^^;;

Young Geumshil act very good in this episode. No wonder she got Best Teen Actress Award for her role in this drama. She plays crying scene very good for kids in her age. It makes us want to hug her and do anything to make her smile again ^^

The Golden Apple has 30 episodes long. So viewer, prepare your box of tissue since I guess more drama to come in future episodes. Just listening to the OST, we all know that this drama genre is the sad and melancolic one ^^;; Actually, I don't fancy this kind of drama very much. I prefer the light romantic comedy, but I guess one drama like this will balance my appetite for korean drama ^^

I'm a little dissappointed with Kim Ji Hoon look in this drama, but I guess I can't blame it, since his role is as a poor young man, not as an established handsome lawyer in his newest drama Love Marriage ^^;; From photo gallery in KBS site, I saw him with thin mustache T_T He's not look that good with it. Please shave it man T_T Enjoy his photo from KBS's site *he's on the left*, looks like he'd shaved it when the shooting done ^^;;

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