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At first, I thought Hot Blood is an action drama, judging by its title. But when I watched it, it turns out to be a story about a man who is willing to do anything to rake in 10 billion won by selling cars. In short, he's a car salesman ^^ It looks promising. I watch this drama in the hope of getting some new knowledge about marketing. Maybe it'll be come in handy for me someday ^^ Let's watch it together at KBS World on Saturday night ^^

I'm quite amazed about the theme. How a car salesman profession could be a theme of a drama? Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to look down on this profession. I said that because I bet this kind of theme won't be produced by Indonesian producer, which almost always make a cheesy story about hatred, revenge, and all kind of negative things :P I'm jealous about how advanced Korean drama compared to Indonesian drama. I hope there will be new producer/director who will bring a new light in Indonesian drama industry.

Hot Blood - Official Site at KBS World (in English)
Hot Blood - Official Site at KBS (in Korean)
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