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I guess I made a right decision by continuing watching this drama ^^ The story line is getting better, and I'm gradually falling for Ha Ryu ^^ I guess it's already a habit, i mean falling for the lead guy :P I can make a conclusion, it seems that I'm easily falling for the lead guy who is almost always wearing formal suit during the film ^^ For example, Park Hyeon Su in Love Marriage, Ha Ryu in Hot Blood. But there's an exception, Jang Taek Gi in The Vineyard Man. He's a farmer equipped with his old tractor, cargo pants, and straw hat, yet I'm falling for him =^-^=

Back to Hot Blood, I don't know which girl that Ha Ryu will end up with. But based on my experience, I think he'll end up with Dae Hee. So guys, tune in to KBS World on Saturday - Sunday night at 8.00 pm (Bangkok, Jakarta time)
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