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This is the first time I watch Lee Byung Heon drama. Looks like he's already an international star, since he had played some Hollywood movies before. His newest film is I Come With The Rain, with Josh Harnett and Takuya Kimura as his co-stars. I haven't watched it yet, but plan to.

Iris' genre is spy-action-drama kind of story, but judging from episode 1 and 2, looks like it gives more space for the drama side. In this drama, Lee Byung Heon played as Hyun Jun. He is a guy who has photographic memory, meaning once he read/see something, he will remembered it instantly. Imagine, school exam will not as scary as ever with that gift in our hand ^^;; He met Seung Hee and fell for her at the first sight *I think* Too bad, his blood brother Sa Woo loves this girl too. It will be a love triangle between those three :P

 Let's watch how this drama will turn into. I've read some negative comments about this drama saying that the rating is low contrary to the big budget it had spent in the making. But I don't throw out a drama just because the rating is low. So I will continue watching it and hope for the best ^^

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