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Last night I watched a new drama on KBS World, the title is The Queen Returns. Judging from the cast, it's so so :P I don't know whether this drama is intentionally aiming mature viewer (+30 years old maybe). The casts look a bit old :( except for the main guy *he's okay*

The theme of this drama is ballet. Two girls, were friend in their childhood since they were in college. Well, not really friend, since one girl was more like a slave for the rich girl. In college, the rich girl stole slave girl's BF due to one night stand and she's got pregnant. Rich girl married the guy, and the slave girl went overseas to study ballet on a scholarship.

After 17 years later, the situation changes. The rich girl with 3 children, has a hard life. Her husband doesn't have a steady job, and it seems that she wasn't supported by her rich family anymore. On the other side, the slave girl came back to Korea with a successful career as a ballerina, except for the fact that she's still single.

So far after watching 2 first episodes, I'm not really interested with the storyline. Plus, the casts aren't really outstanding to lure me watching this series ^^;; Well, let's see next week, whether I will continue watch it or not ^^;;
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