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Late again as usual, and I couldn't switch the TV on cause my parents were doing their Maghrib prayer in front of it T_T After missing the first 15 minutes, thank god I was still able to watch JW sang a nice song to his family. I think the PD really utilize Oh Man Seok's ability in singing here ^^

In this episode, JW told his family that he will accept NY's mom offer to work at India. The family agreed, but they will miss JW if he gone for 2 years abroad. NY found out from her friend about this news, and she abruptly chased JW and told him to not leave to India. She begged JW not to leave. JW hesitated, and ...to be continued :P

I guess it's been a habit for me to put a pic of Oh Man Seok in my every post here ^^;; So, enjoy his handsome pic here :D *credit: OhManSeok.com*
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