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Huaa...not much going on for my dear JW here in this episode :( And I hate Cheol, Nayun's mom, and JK even more X(
Nayun's mom tried to get rid JW by offering him a chance to expand his carrier in India. The whole family had agreed if JW wants to go, besides, it's a very good opportunity for him since he wants to continue his doctoral study. He's in dilemma now, balancing between NY and his carrier T_T Enjoy his pic here *credit: ohmanseok.com*

Anyway, this early morning, I've downloaded Sang Sang Plus episode 13 where Oh Man Seok was invited as a guest there. Although I didn't understand Korean, I now I'll enjoy the show ^^ Now I must ask my sister to translate it for me, hope her Korean is quite good now since she's already in her 5th semester majoring in Korean Language :P
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