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It's been a week since the last time I posted ^^;; My office thingy started get in the way of my kdrama addiction, that's why I didn't have time to post. Enough with the chit chat. In episode 49, Cheol & NY will be engaged on the same day as JW's departure to India. And guess what, at the end of the episode, JW, who's ready to check in, left the airport and crashed NY's engagement ceremony. Now that's what I call a man :D You have to defend your own happiness :D

Oh, been browsing to soompi just now, I found a link posted there. It's a video recapping JW & NY's scene in Everybody Cha Cha Cha. If you were missing the beginning part of this drama just like me, this video will help you alot. Too bad the text in Korean T_T Can't understand it a bit T_T
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