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Remember when I said that the cast for Hanazawa Rui in Boys Over Flowers Korean Version is the worst from all? Nah, I was wrong! Completely wrong ^^;; After Kim Hyeon Jung cut his hair *I forgot in what eps*, he turns into a Prince! Now, among all Hanazawa Rui casts, he's the one who resemblences the most to Hanazawa Rui in the manga drawn by Yoko Kamio :D I wonder why he didn't do it from the start :P But I'm glad he did it, otherwise Lee Min Ho won't get any decent competitor :P Now I had the hard time choosing who I support between the two XD

I know the series had ended already, but since I watch it on KBS World, I'm still on eps 20 *if I wasn't mistaken* Oww..can't wait to see how Korean version ends it since I force myself not to read any review on the internet ^^;; Please, don't spoil me ^^

Anyway, just want to share my theme song of the day: T-Max - Wish You Are My Love . Thanks Rio for this link :D
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