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Whoaaa..finally.... Boys Over Flowers are being aired on KBS World :D This drama is fenomenal. It is based on a manga *japanese comic* written by Yoko Kamio. The original title is Hana Yori Dango (HYD). It has 3 drama versions so far. First version was Meteor Garden, Chinese version. It was a great hit. It even had a sequel ^^ Then the Japanese version came up. This version had a movie to end the story. Then the last one, the Korean version. I think it's still being aired on KBS2 *haven't checked it yet*

From these 3 versions, I think the actors who play Tsukasa Domyouji are all good looking aka kakkoi :D I think they all have the same grade ^^ But for Rui, the best one is Vic Zhou. I think he's the one who resemblence Rui the most ^^ For Tsukushi Makino role, I pick the Japanese version. The Chinese & Korean version of Makino are too thin ^^;;

Up till now, I still can't decide which version is the best one since the Korean version is just getting started. So far, I enjoy it since the actors who play the F4 are all handsome ;D One thing that I regret is the OST of Boys Over Flowers is not as good as previous KBS World Drama, Matchmaker's Lover (Love Marriage) OST. That's too bad, since OST is one of the main factor of a great drama.
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