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Guess what, it turned out that How Much Love drama has 125 episodes! When I read the summary at KoreanDrama.org, it said that it only has 30 episodes. What a big difference ^^;; Oh, fyi, each episode is 30 minutes long.

For this past week, I've watched 9-10 episodes each night with my sister. We've finished watching episode 85 so far. Still a long way to go though ^^;; I'm warning you, this story sure does have a very draggy plot. So, if you're not so in love with the actor or the actress, maybe you'll find it a bit boring. There are thousand obstacles that block the love of this couple. Just when a problem finish, there goes another one shows up @_@ If I need to go through what this couple face in this drama, I think I'll just gave up. I guess my love isn't just strong enough ^^;;

But don't worry, beside the sad story from Dong Soo & Sun Joo, there are many fun scenes between Sun Joo's sister and Hyung Chul's brother. This drama is lighten up cause of them ^^ I hope they'll end up together at the end of the story ^^

Oh, for you guys who wants the OST, I found a link to How Much Love OST. Go grab it quick, since it was uploaded to a free online storage, and I don't think it will be there forever. Here I also uploaded my favorite one (the sad song) : Nae Salm Eh Nun (by Choi Mi Sun). Enjoy ^^

I found all songs in separate file instead of bundled zip file in above link. Here they are :

How Much Love OST
01. dol ah wa jwuh - Jun Young Rok
02. so nyuh (Scats)(Sunjoo Theme) - Connection
03. nae salm eh nun - Choi Mi Sun
04. ggoom eul chat ja (Inst.) - Connection
05. jak eun haeng bok - Lee Hyung Suk
06. sun taek (Inst.) - Connection
07. ul ma na joh gil rae - Choi Sung Soo
08. sum (Inst.) - Connection
09. chuh eum chuh rum (Inst.) - Lee Sung Ryul
10. haet sal bal geun guh ri (Inst.) - Jun Je Duk
11. sun taek - Rose
12. dol ah wa jwuh (Inst.) - Bae Shin Hee
13. jak eun haeng bok (Inst.) - Connection
14. nae salm eh nun (Inst.) - Jun Je Duk
15. ul ma na joh gil rae (Inst.) - Bae Shin Hee
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Anonymous said... December 14, 2009 at 12:48 AM

i'm sorry..
but.. i can't found the song..
can you tell me where is the correct file??

KDrama Diary said... December 14, 2009 at 1:33 PM

Looks like the songs in daumbgm have been deleted. Have you tried the ost in zip file at MegaUpload ? I posted the link in the above post. When I tested, it's still working.

Anonymous said... December 14, 2009 at 9:45 PM

yes yes!!
it work!!
I love it so much!!

KDrama Diary said... December 17, 2009 at 8:45 AM

Glad you like it :D

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