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Last night on new year's eve, I didn't have specific plan, so I just watched a new DVD I bought two days ago. It's a korean drama. The title is How Much Love. It's another drama that has Kim Ji Hoon in it *yayy* I purposely bought this drama for that reason. I guess I can't get enough of him ^^;;

More on the story, How Much Love is a Romeo and Juliet in Korean style ^^ Kim Ji Hoon played as Dong Soo, a self made man who comes from a poor family. He's the kindhearted type, a family man. The girl is played by Jo Yuh Jung. Her name is Lee Sun Joo in this drama, comes from a rich family, but she's not the snob type girl. Sun Joo was forced to marry the man of her father's choice (Oh Hyung Chul), but she refused and ran away to a small island called Wan, where she met Dong Soo. By an accident, she ended up staying with Dong Soo's family. So far, Hyung Chul is not a bad guy, so I don't mind if Sun Joo is ended up with him *hahaha* No no no, this will make the story ends right away ^^;;

Up till episode 15, Sun Joo hasn't showed a significant interest at Dong Soo. The story is progressing slowly till now. But I can bear with it since I can adore Kim Ji Hoon ^^;; From what I learned, Sun Joo's father was the cause of the misfortune of Dong Soo's family. That's why these two love birds will get many obstacles in later episodes. I can't tell you much cause I haven't finished watching it ^^;; But from some reviews I found on the internet, this drama will have a happy ending *I won't watch it if it has sad ending :P*

So far, I can only found How Much Love drama on the internet with Chinese subtitle. I don't know when the English subtitle will be available. Let's just hope that some group will translate this drama :)
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