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I went to welcoming-new-member lunch with my colleagues yesterday. My boss picked up Restaurant Sailendra at JW Marriott Hotel. This restaurant's buffet is fancy and delicious. We had a wonderful lunch and talk.

When we were ready to leave the hotel lobby, I noticed a door man who's waiting at the front door. At first when I arrived at the hotel, because of my poor eyesight and ignorance attitude, I didn't notice him. But this time, when I was ready to leave the hotel, I notice that he's quite good looking, and the best part is, he is Kim Ji Hoon's look-a-like :D His skin color is the same, the type of hairdo is almost the same, although it's not as thick as Kim Ji Hoon's hair in drama Matchmaker's Lover. He has lovely smile, although it's not as charming as Kim Ji Hoon's smile *duh, of course :P*

But I think he's the best similar looking man with Kim Ji Hoon I've ever found ;) Too bad I didn't take his picture. I would be mortified if my friends saw me asking for his picture taken ^^;; So, I'm sorry, I couldn't give you guys the evidence. But believe me, he's so look-a-like. Well, thanks to him, he succeeded made my day yesterday ;)
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