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Following my previous post about Korean drama that I'm watching right now, I think I'm catching Kim Ji Hoon mania syndrome ^^;; The signals?
  • I've searched any info about him for the past 2 day. Photos, music video, other dramas that he was in, drooling over his photos, etc etc
  • I can't wait to watch the next episodes of Matchmaker's Lover (aka Love & Marriage). So I browsed the internet, found the episodes on Viikii.net, and watch the episodes until very late night. Last night I even slept at 1.30 am *usually I sleep at 10.00 pm ^^;;*
  • I listen to the Love & Marriage OST for thousands time ^^Especially the song called Zza Zza La by As One. Download the song now, and I'm sure you'll love it ^^
  • I plan to start learning Korean Language so I can talk to Kim Ji Hoon *hahaha* My sister's major is Korean Language. She better teach me if she still want to use my computer ;D *threatening pose*
Ok, maybe that's all for now. I'll post more of my syndromes if it gets worse *hahaha*
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