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I watched this drama occasionally since the plot seems draggy. Thank god I was able to watch the last episode, which was last night ^^ Actually, the acting of each cast members is very good. Especially when they were young. I especially love young Keumshil and Kyungmin. They're such adorable kids *pinching young Keumshil's cheek*

The thing is, I don't quite fancy the theme of this drama. It's dark, definitely not my typical kind of drama ^^;; Maybe once at a time I should watch this kind of drama to balance my appetite for comedy romantic drama ^^

I can't believe Kyungsook still wants to marry Jongkyu even though he's handicap @_@ I feel pity for Bongku. Since young, he already has a crush for Kyungsook, too bad she only regards him as Oppa.

My prediction got all wrong when I thought that Kyungmin will end up with Keumshil, since Keumshil loves him since she were a little girl. It went against the mainstream. As far as I know, it's Korean Drama's stereotype to make step brother & step sister falls in love with each other, like in the drama Autumn in My Heart. Guess it's not applied in this drama ^^;;

As for Kyunggu & Hongyeon, I knew from the first time I watched this drama, they'll be end up together. But I'm surprised that Hongyeon need to marry a man which her father chose first. She ended up getting beaten and miscarriage her baby. After having to be hospitalized in the asylum, she gained her strength to move on and surprisingly, Kyunggu still loves her and they reunited in the end.

If you like to watch how a family bonding, surviving, and supporting each other through difficult times, The Golden Apple is highly recommended. I gave this drama 4 out of 5 stars ^^
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